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Dalswinton was a strategic location for the Romans and Robert the Bruce. It was an inspiration to Patrick Miller who developed the first steam boat in Britain and today, it is a family home. The purpose of the web site is to give those who are interested a feel for the estate and some information on what happens at Dalswinton.

Dalswinton lies 7 miles North of Dumfries and stretches from the flood plain of the River Nith, up through the rolling pastures, into Forestry and then out onto Dalswinton Moor, which is capped by the Watchman clump of trees. This distinct feature can be seen from some 30 miles away, as can the Dalswinton Wind Farm - completed in 2008.

This varied topography is matched by the diverse number of activities providing any visitor with an insight into a thriving rural community.

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